Live your best life

Live your best life

with a culture of support that helps you thrive.

When you join Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, your happiness, growth potential, and productivity is our number one priority, and we provide a culture of support to keep you at the top of your game.

In their own words

We know your vision of success is unique to you. That’s why your goals and our support go hand in hand. Here’s what our mortgage bankers are saying:

At Atlantic Bay, they not only have every client’s best interest at heart, but also every employee’s. We have a culture like nothing else I’ve ever seen.

Tonya Acree

NMLS# 583512

6 years with Atlantic Bay

Atlantic Bay has a high success ratio with Mortgage Bankers who transition to our company. If they stick with it and work hard, the sky is the limit!

Jeremy Jordan

NMLS# 211257

16 years with Atlantic Bay

The company is going to invest a lot in you and they want to make sure it is a good fit as much as you do.

Kathy Terry

NMLS# 450843

4 years with Atlantic Bay

Having one team has been super beneficial. Being able to communicate with certain people and knowing who’s covering and handling specific items has helped me ensure seamless transactions.

Matt Bullins

NMLS# 1805439

6 years with Atlantic Bay

I’ve been with Atlantic Bay for just over two years, and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve been in the industry since 1999, so I’ve seen a lot of changes. Atlantic Bay has been awesome about supporting us through changes and transitions.

Melanie Troutman

NMLS# 46497

5 years with Atlantic Bay

I’ve been at Atlantic Bay for almost 5 years, yet I can honestly say in my 24 years of being a mortgage lender these have been my favorite and happiest ones!

Stacy Luna

NMLS# 519973

8 years with Atlantic Bay

Before coming to Atlantic Bay, I was originating more loans than ever before, but I was also unhappier than ever before. The culture of support here has eased that feeling a lot.

Kyle Holland

NMLS# 130677

4 years with Atlantic Bay

Think about how many MORE clients you could help if your loans were approved by an Underwriter BEFORE the client submitted an offer, makes their offer stand out, and helps them succeed in today’s tight market. That’s that added bonus of the One Team approach here.

Rick Melville

NMLS# 107798

4 years with Atlantic Bay

NMN Best Mortgage Companies to Work For (2023)

we’re honored

For three years in a row, our employees named us one of the Best Large Mortgage Companies to Work For in National Mortgage News!

It is all about our people who live out our core values every day. Many companies hire good people, but the difference maker for Atlantic Bay is our focus on retaining and growing the talented people that we hire.

– Brian Holland, Atlantic Bay CEO

Welcome home.

Making a change isn’t easy, but our onboarding process puts you to work as fast as possible. Spend less time setting up accounts and training on new platforms and more time doing what you do best.

You’ll fit right in.

Our founders are close-knit brothers. Our employees have formed tight bonds. And, our day-to-day business deals in ensuring families can achieve their homeownership dreams.