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In their own words

We know your vision of success is unique to you. That’s why your goals and our support go hand in hand. Here’s what our mortgage bankers are saying:

At the end of the day, the support that we get on the front lines for Sales is paramount. We have unparalleled support that I've never seen at any other company before.

Eric Sinar

Producing Sales Manager

NMLS# 137030 | Licensed in AL, PA, FL, MD

Atlantic Bay, in my experience and the places that I've worked before, has the biggest support package any Loan Officer could ever imagine.

Jim Fiocca

Sales Manager

NMLS# 448905 | Licensed in NC & VA

The company puts their employees first. They strive for us to have success in the marketplace, weathering different storms that come into play.

Jeremy Jordan

Sr. Mortgage Banker

NMLS# 211257 | Licensed in VA

They adjust with us because they understand that the Mortgage Banker is as much the client as the Realtor and as the buyer.

Ginny Phillips

Sr. Mortgage Banker

NMLS# 447959 | Licensed in VA & NC

The sales retreats, the trainings, the weekly emails. Actual people interacting, answering questions, and they're genuinely invested in my success.

Bryan Austin

Mortgage Banker

NMLS# 1052506 | Licensed in VA

We have that abundance mindset where we all come together, we all share ideas, we all work together.

Cara Erickson

Sr. Mortgage Banker

NMLS# 834056 | Licensed in VA, NC, DC

I've got a lot less on my shoulders when it comes to the loan process. So that's allowed me to do my own marketing and building relationships. It allows me to work on my business versus working in my business.

Reece Cohen

Branch Manager

NMLS# 200469 | Licensed in FL, GA # 26620, SC

That freedom to not be chained to my desk has been huge. I'm able to go out and talk to clients, meet new agents, and build the business that I need to.

Mike Ray

Producing Sales Manager

NMLS# 415542 | Licensed in VA, NC, SC, GA # 415542

They're all about caring. They feel as though it's just as important to them for my clients deal to close like it is for me and for my Realtor partners.

Ann Arnesen

Sr. Mortgage Banker

NMLS# 453374 | Licensed in VA, NC, FL, MD

We’re honored

For four years in a row, our employees named us one of the Best Large Mortgage Companies to Work For in National Mortgage News!

It is all about our people who live out our core values every day. Many companies hire good people, but the difference maker for Atlantic Bay is our focus on retaining and growing the talented people that we hire.

– Brian Holland, Atlantic Bay CEO

The sky is the limit

Oh, the places you can go at Atlantic Bay. With an entire team behind them, our Mortgage Bankers are equipped to propel their careers forward through our Leadership Track. Your journey with us ensures personal and professional growth at every turn.
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Be all you can be

Atlantic Bay's internal IMPACT coaches work for the same company that you do, so they understand your values, share common interests, and know the ins and outs of all your systems and processes. Work one-on-one with a Coach to facilitate challenges, foster collaboration, track results, and so much more.
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